Top Nail Trends 2022: Top 5 Nail Designs to Get You Noticed

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top nail designs

top nail designs

There are many women who consider their nails as an integral part of fashion. The fact that your nails look stunning with an elegant dress or suit is a great feeling! It’s like a compliment coming from inside in addition to outside. And if you are looking for the best options, then I’ll be glad to share my list of favorite nail designs that I think will look stunning with a LBD.

Nails are the perfect way to add a little glamor to your look. There are so many ways to play with nail polish, from bold and bright colors to subtle tones that go well with every outfit you own.

Nail art is a great way to make your nails stand out and make them look stylish at the same time. This stylish look can be done at home or simply in a salon. If you’re looking for some inspiration on how to do nail art,

here are some of our favorite designs that will look stunning with a LBD:

1. Chevron Nails

A chevron design is an easy way to create something interesting without having to spend too much time doing so. The best part is that it looks great on any nail polish color! You can create these chevron designs using a striping brush or paintbrush and apply it on top of your nails as well as around them.

2. Dot Nails

Dot designs are another easy one that you can add onto your manicure if you want something different than what’s already there on your nails.

3. Polka Dots

A classic design that’s still going strong today! These polka dots are so cute and fun to wear!

This pattern is great for summer, as it’ll look just as good in the heat of summer as it would in the cool of winter. If you’re looking for a bright pop of colour while still having a little bit of personality, then this design is perfect for you!

4. Sparkles

These sparkle nails are sure to be a hit with any girl! The combination of silver and gold will give you the perfect summer look!

5. Celtic Knots

Celtic knots have become an increasingly popular trend over recent years, and for good reason! They’re simple, chic and can be worn with anything from casual outfits to formal dresses!

What Nails Go Well With A Black Dress?

While you can’t really go wrong with any color nails, there are certain colors that pair well with black dresses. I’m talking about colors like red, navy blue and purple.

Red is always a good choice for pairing with black because it’s a bold color and can really pop in the right light. Not only that, but it’s also a flattering shade for your skin tone.

Navy blue is another great option for those who want their nails to match their shoes. Navy blue nails are especially striking against a black dress because they’re so different from the rest of your outfit. The contrast is what makes them so beautiful!

Purple is another great option for those who want their nails to match their shoes — but it’s not just about matching your outfit; it’s also about matching your skin tone! Purple nails look amazing against a black dress because they add just enough color without being too much or too loud. 

What Are The 5 Basic Nail Designs?

There are five basic classic nail designs, but you can also build your own. Here are some 5 best basic nail designs:

1. French Tip: The French tip is one of the oldest types of nails and has been around for ages. It features two different lengths: short and long. The short length is used for the tips of your fingers and toes, while the long length can be used on your middle finger or toenails.

2. Oval Tip: The oval tip is basically a French tip with an extra piece of material added on top of it to create an ovoid shape. Oval tips come in many different sizes, including extra long oval tips that are perfect for your ring finger or thumbs.

3. Square Tip: Square tips have a square base instead of an oval shape like the other two designs mentioned above; they’re also known as flat or round-tip nail designs because they look like they have flat sides rather than rounded ones like most other types of nails do (although there are some exceptions!).

4. Half Square/Half Round: These were designed to look like half circles (hence their name) with one side longer than the other. They are typically used for elongated and square-ish tips, or if you want a rounded look.

5. Ovals: These are round in profile but have a square/oblong cross section at their center, which makes them look oval when viewed from an angle. Ovals are often used to create waves or curls on your nails; they can also be used as single rows of color or as a gradient effect between two different colors.

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