Comprehensive Tips To Protect Hairs From Dandruff

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September 26, 2022
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dandruff hair

dandruff hair

Hair is an important part of the body. It protects the skin, helps to regulate temperature and makes us look good. Hair is made up of keratin, a protein that also makes up nails, feathers and horns.

Hair grows in three stages: anagen (growth), catagen (transition) and telogen (resting). During the anagen phase, which lasts from two to seven years, your hair grows about 1/2 inch per month. The catagen phase lasts about two weeks when your hair stops growing but remains firmly attached to the follicle so it doesn’t fall out easily. The telogen phase lasts about 100 days; during this time, 90% of your hair is resting while only 10% is in active growth.

Types of Hair

There are many different types of hair.

Natural Hair

Natural hair is the term used to describe any hair that has not been chemically treated, such as permed or colored. Straight, wavy or curly are the type of natural hairs. It can also be very thick or very thin.

Chemically Treated Hair

Chemically treated hair usually has a curl that is permanent in nature. This means that it cannot be changed by washing or conditioning, but can only be changed by going back to the salon and getting a new chemical treatment done on it. Chemically treated hair may be straightened with heat or chemicals.

Human Hair Extension

Human hair extensions are made from real human hair that is attached to your own natural locks by using micro rings or clips which can be removed when necessary without causing damage to your own hair.

How Does Hair Grow?

Hair is made up of keratin. Keratin is a protein, and it’s the same material that makes up your fingernails and toenails.

Hair grows from follicles in the skin. There are two types of hair follicles: vesicles and terminals. Vellus follicles produce thin, fine hairs that don’t have a large diameter and don’t contain many cells — they’re often called “peach fuzz” or “baby” hairs. Terminal follicles produce thicker, coarser hair with more cells inside them.

The part of each follicle that sticks out from your scalp through the skin is called anagen (sometimes spelled “anagen”). The part that stays under your scalp is called telogen, or catagen phase. Anagen lasts around 3-4 years for most people; some people’s anagen phase lasts longer than others’. Telogen lasts about 2-3 months for most people; again, some people’s telogen phase lasts longer than others’.

How To Protect Your Hairs From Dandruff?

Dandruff is the shedding of scalp skin cells, which causes scalp itchiness and flaking. It can be caused by dry skin conditions or poor hygiene, among other things. It is not a serious medical condition, but it can be embarrassing and uncomfortable.

Here are some tips to protect your hairs from dandruff:

Use a gentle shampoo that contains active ingredients such as zinc pyrithione, salicylic acid or ketoconazole. These ingredients prevent fungus growth on the scalp and they reduce itching and flaking.

Combine a shampoo with an anti-dandruff conditioner if you have very dry hair. The conditioner will moisturize the scalp and restore the protective layer on its surface.

Apply a product containing tea tree oil after washing your hair with a mild shampoo. Tea tree oil has anti-fungal properties that can fight dandruff effectively.

Use a shampoo that has antifungal properties like ketoconazole or selenium sulfide. These shampoos are available in the market and are easily available online as well. You just need to apply it on your hair and leave it for about 10 minutes before rinsing it off.

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