Best Winter Fragrances Right Now

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Winter is the perfect time to wear scents that give you a warm and cozy feeling. Whether you’re looking for something sweet and floral, or something more spicy and woodsy, these are the best winter scents on the market right now.

If you’re new to buying fragrances, we recommend starting with a couple of sample vials from Sephora or Nordstrom. If you like what you smell, then buy a full-size version.

For many people, winter is the time when they start craving essential oils for their home because of all the cold weather outside. But if you don’t want to use essential oils in your home — or if you’re not sure about them — there are other ways to incorporate scents into your life this winter season.

Here are some of our favorite winter fragrances:

Warm Vanilla Sugar Mist by Bath & Body Works; Rs 1,195/236 ml:

This spray settles into a sugar cookie smell with its gourmand vanilla quotient being quite high. Throw in some rice pudding and toasted coconut on a powdery sandalwood base, and you’ll have this wearable and straightforward scent. 

Berry Bon Bon Shimmer Mist by The Body Shop; Rs 1,995/100 ml:

This cranberry-chocolate confection is a little naughty, but it will bring out your flirtatious side. It has a fruity quality that isn’t wintery and the richness of “bon bons” against the sour sparkle of cranberry. Plus, the shimmer it leaves on your skin looks amazing! 

THE ONE Disguise Eau de Parfum by Oriflame; Rs 2,499 rupees/50 ml:

A simple, uncomplicated scent with berries, this one is all about the fruit notes. If you don’t love your raspberry and cranberry scents–or if they seem too saccharine–this one may not be for you. Red roses and vanilla add a slight gourmand scent to this perfume but do not turn it into a gourmand scent itself. 

Rose Gold EDT by Zara; Rs 1,049 rupees/100 ml:

This is a fragrance for lovers of tuberose who want something mature and sexy, with musky amber and the warmth of dried gardenia. While there are subtle notes of green freshness in this perfume, it’s not something that would appeal to those who like floral scents. 

Davidoff Amber Blend Eau de Perfume; Rs 6,950/100 ml:

This woody scent is unisex and bold, with notes of amber and balsamic notes. It’s comforting, bold, and loud–but still has the soft cinnamon, nutmeg, and rum that you’d associate with winter. The sandalwood makes it less harsh while still keeping enough of its powdery notes to make it feel warm and inviting. 

Aurum by Ajmal; Rs 3,300/75 ml:

This long-lasting perfume has a creamy texture and is a steal when it comes to the intensity and longevity it provides. The creamy treatment of raspberry and lemon turns into something that smells quite like apples. When set against the powdery orange blossom, this becomes more oriental and arabesque, smelling similar to a white musk, powdery attar.

Huda Beauty Kayali Vanilla; Rs 8,254/100 ml:

If you love gourmand vanillas, this boozy take on the sweet bean is for you. A simple vanilla perfume that’s warm, spicy and mouthwatering in its sweetness—this one isn’t confusing or layered at all. Perhaps because of similar notes of Tonka bean and brown sugar, it’s not confusing or made up of too many different elements.

Eleventh Hour by Byredo; Rs 14,193/100 ml:

A Sichuan blend of Sichuan peppercorns, wild fig, and rum–this unusual fragrance is sweet but spicy. Once the smell of pepper and cloves dries down, you get an incense-like smokiness thanks to the tobacco notes and smokey cashmere wood. Needless to say, this is a special perfume for a unique experience

Night Queen:

A sensuous yet aromatic perfume created for women, Night Queen Eau de parfum is perfect for romantic evenings and all-day use in winter. Enjoy the warmth of patchouli, with a touch of Amberwood, floral notes at the heart, and freshness of neroli at top. Just 2 sprays are enough of this perfume.


This is one of the best perfumes for the winter season. It has a base of woody notes, spicy notes with a dash of musk and cashmeran. Challenger Eau de parfum for men has an intoxicant aroma with a heart of bourbon whiskey and vetiver and top notes of cypress. You can apply this perfume in the evening times for the winter season especially when it is really cold.


As we come to the end of this post, I hope you have found something or two that suits your fancy. If you’re like me and like being well-groomed, smelling great is a must. From designer colognes and fragrances to drugstore deals, there are a wide range of choices sure to delight every type. The next time you need to replenish your signature scent or pick up a new fragrance for the season, be sure to peruse the options above for what’s hot right now. 

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