Angle Bloom was started back in 2015 to introduce you to some fresh new informative content because just like you, we are beauty and style obsessed. Later, we are also going to bring up some of our best cosmetic & beauty products, stay tuned with us. We thank our writers and editors who work hard and are committed to creating an inclusive space that raises a variety of voices and celebrates the unique beauty found in each one of us. As time passes, we are proud to say that we become one of the largest beauty & style websites with over 7 million monthly readers on the internet. We also thank you because this auspicious journey would never have been completed without you. We are open to collaborations.

Our Motto

Angle Bloom's motto is simple: we want to empower our readers to celebrate individuality, empowerment & find confidence, community, and joy through beauty & style.

Our Values


The Anglebloom is the premier source for sustainable beauty and lifestyle content, reaching 7 million highly-engaged readers every year.


We believe in responding so that we can support our audience in the most meaningful way possible. We believe in providing high-performance products or essential and informative content.

Vision Focused

Our vision is to stay in the whole value chain. We offer products in packaging that have a minimal environmental impact, in line with our sustainable vision: reduce, reuse, recycle. We also produce engaging content for our readers that adds value to their daily lifestyles.

Why Angle Bloom?

Our standards are high, You'll find the largest assortment of the best beauty products on the planet - all of which meet our Angle Bloom Clean Standard. We avoid using synthetic ingredients and go a long way in creating safer, more durable, ethical, and transparent products. We think outside the bottle so you can focus on what’s inside you.

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