8 Easy Tips to Help You Deal with Damaged Natural Hair

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December 6, 2022
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damage hair tips

There are so many peoples with natural hair, but there are also those who face more issues than others. The struggle of dealing with damaged and dry natural hair is real and can be emotionally exhausting. So what can you do? Well you could go on the Internet and look for some tips but that is not the best way of dealing with damaged natural hair, right? Here are some ways to help you deal with damaged natural hair:

Here are 8 easy tips to help you deal with damaged natural hair:

1: Deep conditioning:

Deep conditioning your hair can make all the difference in how healthy and shiny your locks are. It might seem like an odd thing to do, but when you get used to deep-conditioning your hair regularly, it won’t even seem like something that needs to be done nearly as much.

2: Wash your hair every day:

Did you know that you can wash your hair every day and still be beautiful? It’s not uncommon for people to shower and wash their hair daily, but I’m here to tell you don’t do this. Some people may think that it adds volume and shine to their hair, but the truth is when your hair is dry it has more volume than when it’s wet. The minute water hits the strands, it goes from being weak and fake looking to strong and real looking.

3: Avoid shampooing your hair too often:

If you have long hair and you shampoo it too often, it will damage your hair. Shampooing your hair once a month is the best way to keep your hair healthy. If you shampoo it more often than that, the oils on your scalp can dry out. That makes for a really weak and dull appearance for your hair. If this happens, try using conditioner or leave-in conditioner after shampooing to get the benefits without drying out your hair.

4: Do a hot oil treatment regularly:

Regularly applying hot oil treatment to your hair is a great way to make it look healthy and shiny. You can use this treatment on dry or damp hair and it will help bring out the natural beauty of your hair. It is also a great way to make sure that your hair is growing in healthy and strong.

5: Don’t over-curl your natural hair

Over-curl is when you push your hair up and out of its natural curl pattern. This can be done by sectioning off small pieces of hair and blowing them dry, or by using a curling iron or other tools to curl your hair into tight ringlets that fall below the shoulders. It’s not good for your hair – it restricts it from growing in its natural way, which leads to breakage over time.

6: Use a protective style when you can’t shower every day

I’m sure you have a shower and is one of the most frequent beauty rituals for women, but for some reasons or another, you can’t wash your hair every day. The result? Hair loss, dry and lifeless hair.

7: Give your hair a break from heat styling

Heat styling is the number one cause of damage and breakage in your hair. It can also dry out your scalp, causing dandruff hair and redness.

If you want to prevent these problems from occurring, you need to give your hair a break from heat styling.

A few tips:

Don’t blow dry your hair straight after washing it with water. Instead, use a towel or satin scarf to dry it naturally, which will give it more volume and bounce.

Don’t use a blow-dryer on wet hair either! Instead, use a diffuser to dry your hair gently without damaging it too much.

If you have curly hair, then take the time to style it properly! Curly locks need their own special care routine that includes washing, conditioning and blow drying them in a specific order so that they don’t become frizzy or damaged.

8: Use coconut oil on your natural hair

Coconut oil has been used to help prevent hair loss, thicken hair and promote growth. This amazing stuff can also perform double duty when used on your natural hair.


These days, there’s no denying that natural hair care products are gaining popularity. According to the National Health Interview Survey conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 40% of black women in the United States report using natural products to care for their hair. If you’re one of these women, keep these tips in mind as you go about your natural hair care routine.

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