11 Tips To Rid Yourself Of Dry Winter Skin

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There are many factors that can lead to dry, chapped and cracked skin during the winter. It can be really frustrating because there are so many products out there that claim to help your winter skin, but there isn’t a lot of concrete information on what works or what might harm your skin more. I would like to share 11 tips with you in hopes they will help prevent dry winter skin and keep you looking great all year long!

Here are 11 Skin Care Tips for Dry Skin in Winters

1. Protect Yourself from The Elements

Keep your skin well-hydrated by drinking plenty of water and applying moisturizer each day. If you live in a dry climate, use an oil-free moisturizer with SPF to prevent further damage and sunburns. Also, wear a hat when outdoors in the sun and protect yourself from the wind.

2. Protect Your Skin

It is essential that you protect your skin from the harsh elements of winter. While you may be protecting your skin from the cold, the harsh wind and freezing temperatures, you need to be careful about what you wear. Many people wear their winter coats for protection, but when it comes down to it, those coats are not designed to protect your skin.

3. Skin Care

Your skin is your largest and most sensitive organ, so you should take very good skin care.  This includes a basic moisturizing routine and some quality sun protection! If you don’t know what to use, there are some products that can help protect your skin from the cold. I love using the Aveeno Ultra-Calming Daily Moisturizer for both my face and body! It helps with moisturizing without feeling greasy or heavy!

4. Drink Lots of Water

Staying hydrated is extremely healthy for the body, and your skin is no exception. Drinking water flushes toxins from your body and helps keep the skin soft and elastic! Whenever I get into a routine of drinking water, my skin feels plumper and healthier. It’s a great way to improve your complexion as well as avoid dry winter skin!

5. No Hot Showers

Hot showers can dry out the skin and make it crack, so I like to avoid them during the winter months. Sometimes a good hot shower helps you relax after a long day, but I’ve found that letting my shower get extra hot can cause dryness that lasts for days.

6. Don’t Over Exfoliate

Exfoliating is great for the body, but in the winter you don’t need to be as aggressive with it. Exfoliating a dry, cracked skin can actually cause more harm than good. I would recommend using gentle exfoliation products only in the winter and switch to something more harsh in the summertime.

7. Moisturize Right After Showering

After your hot shower and skin care routine, get right into your moisturizing routine. Moisturizer is a great way to lock in moisture so that you don’t see dry or cracked skin from cold weather and exposure to harsh winds!

8. Avoid Heat Exposure

Excess heat can cause your skin to overproduce oil, making you more susceptible to dryness as well as premature aging; therefore, protect yourself from the heat by wearing loose clothing that allows for ventilation and avoiding tanning beds and other sources of excessive heat exposure.

9. Moisturize Daily with A Good Moisturizer

If you want healthy looking skin this winter, it’s important to stay hydrated by moisturizing every day; however, look for products that contain natural ingredients rather than hydrogenated or animal fats found in many conventional moisturizers. These types of products are better suited for your skin because they are formulated without chemicals that can aggravate sensitive skin or clog pores. 

10. Apply Sunscreen

Apply sunscreen every day and reapply at least every two hours, even if you’re indoors. The best time to apply sunscreen is in the morning before going outdoors, but it can also be applied around lunchtime when you may be spending more time outdoors or after sunset when it’s cooler outside and you are likely to spend more time indoors.

11. Eat Healthy

Eat healthy foods rich in vitamins A, E and C—these nutrients help keep your skin healthy and smooth throughout the year.


While for some people dry skin is an occasional nuisance, for others it can become a debilitating condition. Still, the right measures can reduce its effects. Keep the water flowing, moisturize regularly, and do your best to avoid picking and scratching—and before you know it, your winter skin will be gone.

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